How to breathe.

CF7 has created Zefero, the brand of devices for the sanitization of indoor environments and surfaces and for the purification and sanitization of water. A story that began in 2019, with an ambitious goal: to help people by improving their personal habits.

A project that deeply inspires the whole company, from the founders, to the designers, to the sales consultants who promote its innovative and beneficial scope every day. A young and fast-growing company, a diverse group of professionals increasingly large, spread throughout the country.

Our values are part of what we build

We innovate
with enthusiasm

The Zefero team has been deeply committed to creating revolutionary devices, which are the result of high technology, combined with visionary ideas.

We support suppliers to help them meet and exceed our requirements for quality standards, work and eco-sustainability. We also work with independent human rights and environmental organisations.



Laboratory test

Designed to last
in time

Product reliability and responsibility are basic principles of our team mentality that is reflected in the devices we create.

The use of raw materials of the highest quality, the care in the assembly and in the verification of every single component, allows to offer a guarantee of coverage and efficiency on the products, that lasts in the time.
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